Dabur Hajmola Tablet


Dabur Hajmola Regular 120 Tablets


Pop a Dabur Hajmola – and enjoy the chatpata flavour that stimulates your digestive power. Take it regularly, especially after a heavy meal. And savour every bite with this tasty digestive tablet.

Main ingredients

Kalimirch, Zeera, Saunth,Nimbu saar

 Other ingredients Pippali, Samudra Lavan, Sarkara,    Krishnalavana, Navsadar

Usage Can be taken at any time of the day. Chewing slowly improves the taste.

Recommended Dose Adults and elderly 1 – 2 tablets Children     1 tablet

Overdose Caution Hajmola Tablets taken in large dose can cause irritation in the stomach

Storage: Keep in a cool, dark place

Health Benefits

– Eases condition of flatulence – Controls Dyspepsia – Increases appetite – Helps in proper digestion and relieves indigestion.